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What our clients have to say...

  • The GeoDome’s capabilities have taken our level of teaching in directions we never dreamed of before. Light bulbs of understanding flash around the room on even difficult content areas.

    Matt Linke, University of Michigan
  • As an educator I am partial to the GeoDome’s truncated design. Placing the audience closer to the springline and filling their field of view with imagery creates an increased sense of immersion, and students react to it every time.

    Joel Halvorson - Founder, MnPS
  • I saw my entire Earth science astronomy unit presented in less than an hour. Even behaviorally challenged students were awed, attentive, and appreciative of this format.

    Kay McLeod - Buncombe County, NC
  • Data visualizations let our audiences see the direct impact of decisions they make. The GeoDome truly makes topics come alive, allowing people to understand how global issues impact them in their own community.

    James Fox - RENCI at UNC-Asheville
  • The GeoDome is user-friendly and operations are very intuitive. The Elumenati is forward thinking, knows how to listen and works in a collaborative way.

    Larry Mascotti - Mayo HS Planetarium
  • I appreciate the professional hands-on approach from the Elumenati team - it's made my job that much easier and helped make the Immersive Theater a showcase system for our museum.

    Eric Knisley, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • The GeoDome is a place where our students can synthesize information and develop the aptitudes needed to tackle tough problems and foster creative thinking. Thanks to The Elumenati team for creating a vision for the future of learning spaces!

    Glen McCandless, Educational Technology Consultant
  • The combination of the visual thrill and excellent topic made this experience accessible to kids who might have difficult behavior issues in more typical learning environments.

    Sylvia Van Meerten - Autism Society of North Carolina
  • The GeoDome Evolver system from Elumenati is the ultimate system for the 21st century planetarium.  The combination of top of the line projection and software gives the planetarian a plethora of resources to customize and immerse their audience into a truly out-of-this-world experience.  You will not be displeased!

    Derek Demeter, Seminole State College Planetarium Director
  • There are very few experiences that instantly transform our relationship with earth and the cosmos.  The GeoDome invites participants on a magic carpet ride of learning and discovery.

    Kirk Bergstrom - CEO, WorldLink
  • The comments I hear most after every lesson I present with the Evolver are "fantastic" and "awesome".  The Evolver is such a joy to use, and has greatly expanded the quality and quantity of the lessons I can now present.

    Dennis Brinkman - Como Planetarium
  • Our Geodome never fails to "wow" our audiences.  I know I can count on the great folks at The Elumenati to be there when I have a question.  The support I've received has been exceptional.

    John Iverson, Como Planetarium

University of Wisconsin at River Falls

With the acquisition of a  GeoDome Evolver, including a 30270 projection system and Uniview, the UWRF physics department is excited to work with the UW-Madison Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center to bring new ways for students and community members to explore the universe.  Their goal is to develop new content to show the incredible advances that have fundamentally changed our understanding of the Universe, to exploit the multidisciplinary capabilities that the GeoDome offers, and to partner with other facilities running  Uniview to fully leverage the opportunities they can offer our students and community members.  Their initial focus is on particle astrophysics, but UWRF programs in General Physics, Astronomy, Biotechnology, Geography, Chemistry, Mathematics, and other applied and social sciences will be involved with this engaging way to explore data and images of all types.

UWRF is part of the Minnesota Regional Planetarium Network, a mix of fixed and portable GeoDome systems running Uniview, sharing costs and program development. Along with founding partner Minnesota Planetarium Society (now at the Bell Museum), these sites include GeoDome Evolvers at Mayo High School, Mankato East High School, Como Elementary, Southwest Minnesota State University; GeoDome Theaters at the University of North Dakota, and The Journey Museum; and a GeoDome Portal at Jackson Middle School Observatory.