Content - Now that you have your audience's attention (and their visual-spatial intelligence is engaged) ... it's compelling

Interactive Data Visualization

Twenty-first century science centers and outreach programs require innovative, engaging, and compelling exhibits for effectively communicating scientific concepts to audiences of all ages. Interactive, inquiry-based content inside the GeoDome encourages learners to collaborate and explore whole systems.

Whether your goal is to explore the reaches of the cosmos or your local watershed, the GeoDome’s versatile content options let you create memorable learning experiences. These software solutions are simple to learn and to use, and designed for easy updates – so you can always present the most current data and respond immediately to inquisitive audiences.


Eyes on the Earth and Solar System

These interactive platforms let your audiences explore NASA mission data in real time – whether they’re flying satellites or watching Curiosity land on Mars.  

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WorldViewer enables educators to create interactive Earth science stories from global and local perspectives using Science on a Sphere animations, geolocated images, and video created for domes and flat screens.

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This software package makes it easy to map interactive content onto dome surfaces. It’s based on the Unity3D gaming engine, widely adopted in the education sector because it’s both simple and affordable.

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Powered by NASA’s Digital Universe Atlas, the Uniview™ real-time visualization platform lets you collaborate with a robust user community and access up-to-the-minute Earth science data.

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