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What software and/or programs are included with the GeoDome?
The image generating computer that comes with the GeoDome includes The Elumenati’s Omnimap geometry correction software as well as DomeView Pro, an application that enables standard video content for display on domes. DomeView Pro lets you project images and movies that were created for flat screens, usually as a collage of several flatscreen inputs. It’s an effective way to use existing content in non-standard curved screen environments.
Can I convert traditional planetarium programming to digital? Can I show my old slide shows in the GeoDome?
Show scripts can be followed to recreate analog planetarium shows. Slides need to be transferred to digital images, and can then be played in the dome using either DomeView Pro or Uniview’s Producer function, an additional tool that can be purchased. There are many resources to advise you on how to do this. The Elumenati also offers content consulting.
Can I play movies with the GeoDome?
Yes, there are a variety of ways to do this. Contact us for more details.


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What does OmniFocus mean?
Omnifocus ™ refers to the patented optics in projection systems from The Elumenati. Our single-channel projection systems offer ultra-wide projection that stays in focus everywhere. Find out more about OmniFocus projections systems.
What's the difference between fulldome and truncated?
Fulldome projection uses a 180°x180° field of view, for traditional overhead planetarium projection. Truncated projection employs a 180°x135° field of view, making optimal use of the projector’s brightness and resolution. More importantly, it allows audience to comfortably sit above the horizon line, increasing the sense of presence in the virtual environment.
How long do the projector lamps last? How much do they cost?
It varies from model to model, but most lamps live from 1500-3000 hours depending on use cases. Replacements start at about $350.
Does the Evolver projector have a mounting apparatus?
Yes. The Evolver stand is a beam/pedestal stand about six feet in length.
How does the Evolver’s digital projector work with my old opto-mechanical system?
There are several options for projector placement – see Como Elementary School and Mankato East High School.
What does OpenDome mean? Is there an airlock?
Elumenati inflatable domes require no airlock, so the doorway stays open constantly, even while people are entering or exiting.
Can I customize the outside of my GeoDome?
For the GeoDome Theater, an external cover can be made with your colors, branding, or artwork. The Theater also has D-rings on the outside so that you can easily affix banners.
Can I order the Theater or Portal in a custom size?
Yes. The domes are scalable from 2m to 10m.
What is the warranty on the GeoDome systems?
One year, parts and labor. We offer an annual service package that covers 100% of repairs or replacements for 15% of the hardware cost.


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What kind of training and support do I need?
Each GeoDome system comes with a standard training and installation package. This includes EITHER two days onsite or one day onsite with twenty hours remote support. Additional support is available at $75/hour.
What sort of operating environment do the portable GeoDome systems require?
The Theater is about 25’ in diameter and requires a ceiling height of 13.5’. The Portal is about 13’ wide and 9’ tall. It is very important that you set up the domes on a clean, dry surface! In extremely hot (over 95 degrees) weather, the projection system may overheat. Also, ambient light is a consideration, especially for the Portal system – image quality is compromised if the dome is in direct sunlight or other bright light.
What are the power requirements for the portable systems?
Both systems are powered by a single 110-volt outlet.
Do I need to be connected to the internet?
If you are hosting or joining networked presentations using the Uniview software and a Ucare user license, you will need the internet. You will also need a connection if you are using networked WMS layers with Uniview's Geoscope Earth visualization module.
What are the dimensions of the portable systems in their shipping containers?
  • Dome: 30x42x26" 250#
  • Fans: 21x21x39" 130#
  • Projection unit: 26x16x32 110#
  • Dome: 22x38x24" 95#
  • Fan: 11x20x14" 20#
  • Projection unit: 26x16x32 110#
We do not advise shipping the laptop computers.
How many people are needed to set up and take down the portable GeoDomes? How long does it take?
The Portal is easy for one person to set up. Inflation time is under ten minutes. Total setup time is about half an hour; teardown is the same. One person can set up the Theater, but it is large and heavy, so it’s good to have help. The Theater takes less than 20 minutes to fully inflate. Total setup takes less than an hour, and teardown is about the same.
Can I set up my portable GeoDome outdoors?
The GeoDome is not intended for to be used primarily outdoors. The domes absolutely must be secured with tie-downs to guard against wind. The projection systems are sensitive to extreme sunlight, temperatures, and humidity. Moisture can compromise the fabric of the domes; packing them while wet voids the warranty.
Does the GeoDome meet fire safety requirements?
Yes. The GeoDome has been used in numerous conventions centers and other environments requiring approval from a fire marshall. Contact us for details if you have specific questions.