Panorama System

The GeoDome Panorama is designed for self-guided or docent-driven interactive exploration of spaces and simulations, creating a unique sense of presence and feet-on-the-ground perspective.

  • Scalable design - from the 1.5m molded Cobra Panorama to room-size custom installations
  • Standard 4m Panorama surrounds 1-5 people with dynamic imagery, and fits in rooms with 9’ ceilings
  • Package includes Panorama, projection system and mount, audio system, laptop PC, shipping cases, and training.

Download the PDF here

Client projects featuring a Panorama system

ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration

At the I2E2, visitors use a touchscreen to interactively explore Earth and space science on our 4m panorama, powered by a 200 series OmniFocus projection system.

MATC Simulation and Gaming Department

MATC uses their 4m GeoDome Panorama to display interactive visualizations of the Milwaukee Watershed and other interactive visualizations developed by students.

Science Panorama at NCMNS

A kiosk with a custom user interface launches WorldViewer content in this immersive theater, with a 23’ panorama and OmniFocus 30530 projection system.