Portal System

The GeoDome Portal incorporates our truncated half-dome, enabling casual interactive learning experiences and facilitating conversation in receptions, conferences, and seminars.

  • Socially engaging, casual immersion for 5-15 people
  • Sets up in fifteen minutes for maximum portability
  • Package includes 3-meter Portal dome, projection and audio system in durable streamlined housing, laptop PC, shipping cases, and training.

Download the PDF here

Client projects featuring a Portal system

NOAA Office of Education and Climate Program Office

NOAA's GeoDome Portal showcases climate data visualization at events and conferences. The Elumenati have worked closely with NOAA on a number of projects and presentations.

Lehigh University

Lehigh’s GeoDome brings an outreach program to students and to families who visit the DaVinci Discovery Center of Science & Technology. It was also recently featured at a camp for students with autism.

Jackson Middle School Observatory

A GeoDome Portal in the Observatory classroom welcomes about 125 students a day and hosts additional shows during evening hours.